Friday, July 28, 2006

If you like the Settlers of Catan... will love this expansion I've come up with.

Forget about Cities & Knights - this is more fun.

For those of you familiar with the complete game, this is basically "discovery" mode Seafarers, but with several custom tiles which add several degrees of excitement to exploration. Exploration is necessary, risky, and rewarding.

Luck is a huge factor, but so are strategically-placed opening settlements.

The file has all the instructions you need, as well as the custom-made tile images.

If you have questions, or if you feel the instructions could be made clearer, either leave a comment here or email me.

**** DISCLAIMER ****

I am not affiliated with Mayfair Games. This variant on the Settlers of Catan is not for sale; it's free, in the spirit of the Internet. If you like this version of the game, pass it on. Credit me or not, I don't care - just have fun playing it.

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